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Get a free coupon for Wendy’s by taking the TalktoWendys Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Submitting the Wendy’s customer satisfaction survey will net customers a coupon code that can be used for a free menu item, usually a free hamburger.

You can also enter the Wendy’s Sweepstakes to win a $500 gift card.

Wendy Wants to Know: Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

“” – is the web URL of Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey form. The survey page was originally found at, but has been moved to the new address. The URL itself implies what the company wants to know: Feedback from their customers. But what exactly does Wendy’s want to know?

Wendy’s wants customers to share their dining experiences, which will help the company gain insight on the customers’ thoughts and level of satisfaction by providing ratings, feedback, comments, and suggestions. Customers who take part in the survey will also help Wendy’s figure out which aspects of their products and services need more focus and improvement.

Wendy’s is encouraging you to “Talk to Wendy” by filling up their Customer Satisfaction Survey and sharing your overall experience and feedback with them. When you go to Wendy’s Guest Customer Satisfaction Survey webpage, you will see the slogan “Quality is Our Recipe,” which indicates that the company prioritizes providing quality products and services to customers as their main recipe to achieving success.

But how do they make sure that they consistently deliver the highest quality of products and services? It is by listening to what their customers have to say, and carefully analyzing and evaluating them to determine which needs aspects of their service needs improvement. They talk to their customers and get their input by conducting surveys.

Share Your Feedback to Wendy’s and Get a Coupon Code.

By sharing your thoughts on your dining experience with Wendy’s, you’re not just in for a better experience every time you go to a Wendy’s store. You also get to enjoy a discount on your next visit. Upon completion of Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will receive a Wendy’s Coupon Code on the email address you provide during the survey. The code can then be redeemed for a free item or a discount on your next visit to any Wendy’s store.

wendys coupon receipt

The back of your receipt will tell you which free item is given as a reward during the promotion. Normally, the coupon/reward is for a free hamburger, a free salad or 2$ off, when you buy a meal.

Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide.

To complete the survey, you’ll need the following:

  1. A computer, laptop, or mobile device connected to the internet.
  2. A valid Wendy’s receipt. Please note that the receipt should indicate an invitation to take the survey.
  3. A valid email address where you’ll receive the Wendy’s coupon code.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Here are the steps on how to complete the survey and get a Wendy’s Coupon Code:

  1. To access Wendy’s Survey page, click any of these links: or
  2. Choose a language of your preference (English, French, or Spanish), then click “Next” to proceed.
  3. To start the survey, click on the “Take Survey” option.
  4. Find the 8-digit restaurant number right at the top of your Wendy’s receipt and enter it on the “Store Number” field.
  5. Enter the date of transaction on the front part of the receipt in the “Date of Visit” field.
  6. Also enter the time of the transaction, which is located right below the date, on the “Time of Visit” field.
  7. You will also be requested to input your email address. This is where they will send you your Wendy’s Coupon Code. The company will not use your mail email address for other purposes. Don’t have an email address? You can still complete the survey and get the Wendy’s coupon code by calling the toll-free number that you can find on your receipt.
  8. In the other fields, you will need to input the amount of your purchase and indicate where the purchase was made.
  9. The next part will be the survey itself, where you will be requested to answer a form or questionnaire by providing ratings and thoughts on your dining experience as truthfully as possible.
  10. After completing the survey, the participant will receive an email from Wendy’s which confirms the receipt of your feedback or comment, and your Wendy’s Coupon Code. The Wendy’s coupon code has a 30-day validity period, so redeem it as early possible. Otherwise, it will expire.  If prompted to write don a validation code, then write it down on the blank field on the receipt, and present the receipt as a coupon. survey coupons

Start the survey at and fill in the restaurant number date and time from your receipt.

Other Wendy’s Coupons/Promotions.

Another long-running promotional deal is the 1$ off coupon that you receive on your birthday when you sign up with your email to the, or with the Wendy’s app.

Wendys coupons

Get 1$ off when signing up to My Wendy’s.

Wendy’s Survey Resources Section.

TalkToWendys Survey
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7 Responses

  1. Debra says:

    You chicken nuggets have went up 29 cents from being 99 cent so sad I will take business somewhere else


  2. jon says:

    tasty food, last two visits were not good. I had a double bacon burger and a free chicken sandwich. Terrible presentation, the food was thrown together, half hanging out of the miss-matched burger, very sloppy sandwiches, one more visit if things are the same it will be . my last


  3. Arlene Hoffmann says:

    Normally good food and generous portion except this time.


  4. Richard A Powell says:

    Consistently prompt and accurate service featuring hot, good tasting food selections. Staff is always polite and greets each guest warmly.


  5. Peter says:

    Good food-friendly people.


  6. Louis says:

    Thank you for the free burger!


  7. Richard Meyers says:

    I was at your store in Lambertville Michigan on Sterns Road I’ve been calling them for 45 minutes because when I left the drive thru I got home and found that the chili cheese fries that I ordered was nothing but a dab of cheese on fries and no Chile I called to complain but they do not answer the phone



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