The Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Survey.

How filling out the 10 minute McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey can net you a free coupon for a Big Mac or a meal upgrade.

How the survey works:

The McDonald’s Corporation is quite eager to ensure that their customers’ satisfaction levels are high and remain high. How do they manage to do that? By constantly asking for feedback and by rewarding their customers, if they fill out the customer satisfaction survey.

By visiting a dedicated survey website at, customers can give feedback on their last restaurant visit and  will then receive a reward for their time.

Will I get a free coupon for filling out the McDVoice survey?

Yes, most of the time you will receive a coupon for a free Big Mac (with a purchase) or a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) coupon for your troubles.  You will also be entered in a sweepstakes competion with prizes ranging from of $100 to $1000, if you enter your email and contact details.

Look at your receipt to see exactly which prizes or coupons are offered this month.

Step by Step Guide to

Step 1: Visit Choose either English or Spanish via the top blue link .

Step 2: Enter the survey code found on your McDonald’s receipt. If you do not have a 26 digit code on your receipt then click on the link at the bottom of the screen and enter the store number, time and how much you spent into the boxes.

Step 3: Start the survey and rate the food, service and store cleanliness.

Step 4: McDonald’s will ask a few feedback questions. Answer these as best as you can.

Step 5: Enter your contact information for coupons and sweepstakes entry.

Step 6: Important: The survey website will give you a validation code, when you have finished the survey. You must write down this code on the receipt to get the offered coupon or deal. After you leave the website, you cannot access this code again, so please write it down! Then, submit the survey.

www mcdvoice com survey

This is how the McD Voice Homepage will look. Click on the blue link at the bottom if you do not have a survey code on your receipt

Watch the McDVoice Video – Step-By-Step Guide.

Still not quite sure how to fill ou the survey?

This video will walk your through the whole process.

The Terms and Conditions at

Please take a few moments to understand the terms of conditions. McDonald’s ask that you meet these conditions in order to take part in the survey.

  • McDonalds customers can fill out up to 5 surveys per month, per restaurant.
  • To be eligably for any coupons, sweepstakes rewards the survey taker must be residing in the USA or Canada.
  • You must be 15 years or older to enter the sweepstakes.
  • A valid receipt from the last week must be used when registering for the survey.
  • You cannot have worked at McDonald’s in the past year, or be employed by McDonalds.  Even if you are closely related to an employee, or live with an current employee, McDonald’s observe the right to refuse any coupon rewards.

McDonald’s Feedback Form.

If you are looking only to provide a quick feedback then McDonald’s have a feedback form located . The form can be submitted in seconds, but you will not get a reward or coupon for your time.

McDonald’s Phone Number.

If you prefer to speak to a customer service representative, then the McDonald’s customer service phone number is:


McDonal’s corporate address is:

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Other McDvoice Resources.

If you have any error codes while filling out the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey, you may be encountering a technical issue. To get technical support or answers about any other survey problems, you can speak to McDonald’s customer service.

Mcdvoice Survey Homepage:

McDvoice Homepage – en Espanol: McDVoice Espanol

McDVoice Privacy policy:  Privacy Policy

You can ask questions on McDonald’s Social Media pages:

McDonald’s Facebook Page:
McDonald’s Twitter Page:

The Customer Satisfaction Survey
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15 Responses

  1. Morty Ebeling says:

    Cathy was the best order taker and so polite at 12300S 300 South Draper Utah


  2. Lewis Robinson says:

    very poor service at this McDonald’s had to wait over 15 minutes for a chicken sandwich and when it came it was cold drive through is so slow that a turtle could get the food quicker to me


  3. don says:

    Thank you for the easy survey


  4. mary dyer says:

    Tonite I experienced the worst order in my life from McDonald’s in Rockland,maine. My order was for a egg biscuit only(received an egg with cheese) I ordered a medium iced coffee with eight extra liquid sugar and cream (I threw it away and hope I never get another like it)! I can a better one myself! The hot Fudge sunday was the only decent part of my order! Why does McDonalds not let the cheese melt a little?


  5. Jan Nihols says:

    Just wanted to do the survey. Have done it before, can’t seem to get there.


  6. P. Taylor says:

    So sad, I wanted to relate something to McDonalds, but I guess they think running around the internet to get to them is fun. It isn’t and I really don’t appreciate it. So sad. I think social media should know how hard it is to voice your concerns.


  7. Jack Vulgaris says:

    when will you start to serve sugar free pancake syrup???? I have been asking for years.


  8. Debi says:

    Been trying to get into the ACTUAL survey for the last 20 minutes, but after trying all, I STILL cannot find the actually survey!


  9. Dave Buck says:

    Great, clean, courteous, and prompt 🙂


  10. Patricia Fiola says:

    great service!


  11. roger white says:

    why is a simple survey so complicated?


  12. Nancy Geelhoed says:

    I’m trying to locate the McDonalds survey form for the receipt of a Buy one quarter pounder w/cheese or egg mcmuffin get 1 free. I have used it before. Clicked right on the survey web and it popped up right away. I know can not even get to it. Please explain exactly what to clip on or what to download. Thanks so very much.


  13. Jeanie Plummer says:

    I cannot get through the survey! HELP


  14. elaine ngai says:

    very good service!


  15. Carmelita D Thurman says:

    Tony is the best manager that McDonald’s has ever had. He is so compassionate and caring for people!



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