Take the Panda Express Feedback Survey

The Panda Express Feedback Survey.

You can now get a coupon for a free entree for your next visit at Panda Express by taking the PandaExpress.com Guest Satisfaction Survey.

To start the survey, simply enter the 4 or 5 digit store number located at the top of your receipt.

Here is the complete guide.

Panda Express Feedback Survey Guide.

Panda Express is a large fast-food chain restaurant with over 1,700 restaurants in many places, with most fast-food restaurants located in the United States. Panda Express restaurants can also be found in other countries such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam, Korea, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

Panda Express serves American Chinese cuisine, and it is the biggest Chinese fast-food chain in the U.S. The Panda Express fast food chain appeals to a lot of customers due to it’s high-end yet casual food with its signature dishes that many customers always look forward to. Their signature dishes include fried rice, chow mein, and orange chicken.

In addition, Panda Express restaurants can be usually found inside shopping centers. The American Chinese food that Panda Express offers can also now be found even in stand-alone units in universities, military bases, casinos, and airports.

How do Companies Identify Customer Satisfaction? 

In keeping with the customers’ demands, companies conduct feedback or customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that they continuously provide what customers are looking for. Doing surveys is just one of the ways to keep existing customers always satisfied, and it is also an effective way of gaining more customers.

The goal of most feedback or customer satisfaction surveys is to find out if customers are happy with the product and the service companies provide. By knowing what customers are happy about and what they want, companies can then plan and decide on what other ventures they can invest in.

Other than that, it is also undeniable that any company faces a massive market that has other players. If you venture into a certain business, keep in mind that competitors are always around. Therefore, ensuring that you keep existing customers while attracting new ones will help your business thrive.

Because of Panda Express’ huge market, the company always tries to maintain good customer satisfaction with its Panda Express Feedback Survey. The company always aims to know what customers think of their food items and their overall dining experience. They need the customers’ insights for the betterment of their future decisions.

Your feedback is truly vital to the development of the company. When taking part in surveys, you let companies know what they need to improve on. Survey results also let companies know that they are doing right. To participate in the Panda Express Feedback Survey, here are a few of the requirements:

Requirements for Taking the Panda Express Feedback Survey.

  • Any gadget with an internet connection
  • A valid, official, and recent receipt with a survey invitation from Panda Express
  • Ability to understand basic English

Panda Express Feedback Survey Reward.

Once you complete a Panda Express Feedback Survey, you will get a free entree item. When filling out the survey, make sure that you have the receipt on hand. You also need to a pen and paper to write down the promo code at the end of the survey, which must be presented along with your receipt when redeeming your free entree item.

Panda Express coupon free entree

The receipt will show you wich coupon promotion is currently running. Here, the coupon is for a free entree. Please note, that you still must make a purchase to get the free entree.

How to Successfully Complete a Panda Express Feedback Survey.

  1. Go to the survey site at http://mshare.net/websurvey/ .
  2. Enter the 4 to 5 digit store number found on the top of the receipt above the words “PANDA EXPRESS.”
  3. Indicate the Panda Express branch you visited.
  4. Enter the order number of your receipt.
  5. Select the time and date when you visited the restaurant and indicate if you ate at the store or purchased food to go.
  6. Answer all questions pertaining to your experience in the restaurant honestly and carefully.
  7. There will be an option to sign up and receive email newsletters about new offers, new restaurant branches, and events.
  8. Take note of the redemption code since this is necessary to redeem your free entree item.
panda express feedback survey coupons

The Panda Express Feedback start page is very simple. Just enter the store number from your receipt to begin.

Panda Express Feedback Resources.

Panda Express Feedback Survey Site: http://mshare.net/websurvey/

Panda Express Contact Us Page:

Panda Express Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/PandaExpress/

Take the Panda Express Feedback Survey
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  1. Nile says:

    Worst place to go to is Panda Express on Belmont ca, the server name **Yingxin H**
    Making faces when you are paying or getting served.



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